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Who Has Jana Duggar Courted? Her Dating History

Jill and her husband Derrick only have two children, which has many speculating about why the stay-at-home mom, who is no longer part of the Duggar family’s latest reality show, Counting On, doesn’t have more children. Reddit users have proposed the theory that Jill, who has had to undergo two C-sections, might not be able to endure another difficult childbirth. It wasn’t long, though, before the Duggars got a much needed upgrade. Today, the main family lives in a massive 7,000 square foot home, although some of the married children have moved on to their own places. The custom home took a year and a half to build, and the kids still have to share bedrooms (although they’re much more spacious).

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After Jana, her parents gave birth to six more children, summing to 10 boys and nine girls. Madyson’s mom announced her pregnancy as well as the sex of the baby in April 2021. For this reason, Anna decided to stop posting on social media.

The second-oldest Bates son, born William Lawson Bates, goes by his middle name. Lawson is a country music singer, with music videos you can watch on YouTube. His videos have gotten more than 3 million views on YouTube, and his music is available to stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes. Although Lawson was rumored to be dating Jana Duggar in the past, he is currently dating actress Tiffany Espensen, who happens to be close friends with Bindi Irwin. The Bates are, of course, featured on the UPtv reality show, Bringing Up Bates. But beyond their TV fame, the ever-expanding family is also known for their religious beliefs.

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‘The Seewalds made an impression on me, specifically because they didn’t dress the same way I did. As they grew up, the girls were more than willing to abide by their parents’ dress code that promoted modesty and deterred men from being tempted by them. The rule of courtships even has rules within it including mandatory chaperones on each date and Jim Bob and Michelle having to read and be involved with every text chain. One of the biggest rules the Duggars enforce is that they weren’t allowed to be intimate in any way before marriage.

But the two never confirmed they were officially courting, and whatever the pair had together ran its course by September 2021. In the strict rules of the Duggar family, courting involved a couple getting to know one another, but with a number of provisions. They are always accompanied by a chaperone or are part of a group and never left alone together. Holding hands is reserved for after a couple is engaged, and the first kiss occurs at the couple’s wedding. Fans thought Jana might have found Mr. Right when she appeared to be courting pilot Stephen Wissmann in late 2020. A Tumblr user posted a photo of Jana and Stephen seated together during his family’s Christmas celebration.

There are fewer kids, for one, and it’s also evident that they hadn’t yet gotten used to being followed by a film crew. Throughout her pregnancy, her mom, Joy-Anna, kept updating the fans on her social media pages. Evelyn was named after her mother’s maternal aunt, Evelyn Ruark, even though Joy-Anna doesn’t seem to have a close relationship with her.

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Many Rumored Suitors — While Jana has yet to publicly court anyone, it doesn’t appear she’s been completely absent from the dating scene. Last year, it was reported that she had been previously pursued by a family friend, Zach Bates. After “chaperoned dates,” she is said to have turned down his advances.

With the exception of Jana, all of the older Duggar girls followed in their mom’s footsteps, taking on the roles of wife and mother. They also walked down the aisle at a pretty young age, although they waited a bit longer than their mom who married at 17. You might think that an ultra-popular reality television star with two small children wouldn’t find much time to sit back, relax, and immerse themselves in a good book — not the case for Jill Duggar.

Scandal rocked the Duggar family in 2015, when an unearthed police report from 2006 revealed Josh was accused of molesting multiple underage girls, including two of his sisters, as a teenager. Anna and Josh celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in 2020, and many feel it may be their last in light of Josh’s arrest. Since the Ashley Madison scandal, the family has continued to grow. As the couple did continue to have children, some people felt that Josh was back on the right track. Fans of 19 Kids and Counting hope that Anna is ok and wonder if she was privy to any of his wrongdoing.

I thought she might follow soon behind older bro Josh when he tied the knot with his now-wife Anna in 2008, but so far, Jana’s showing no signs of flying the coop anytime soon. Like her sisters, Jill Duggar (she now goes by her married name Dillard) has got quite a lot of experience taking care of babies. Being good with kids is a definite asset in the Duggar family since there are always some around. EthiopianPersonals As an adult, she has grown from taking care of her younger siblings to taking care of her own children, but she isn’t stopping at raising her own family. The reality star turned her instinctive nurturing talents to good use by becoming a certified professional midwife (CPM). Jill married at the age of 23 in June 2014, got pregnant right away, and had her second baby a couple of years later.

After the birth of Bella, Josiah and Lauren stopped posting pictures on their social media. Fans soon worried and started to think that something may have happened to the couple. Recently, Josiah and Lauren were seen together in a family picture, proving that they are just doing fine. Bella’s father, Josiah, is the eighth child of the Duggar family, while her mom, Lauren, is the first child of the Swanson family. Josiah asked Lauren to enter an official courtship during a girl’s night out.

“If you find a 12-step book in an alcoholic’s house, you wouldn’t blame the book,” Mike said. According to The New York Times, the Pearls suggest spanking with plastic tubing, hosing kids down if they have potty training accidents, and forcing children to “fast” as punishment. Mike Pearl called plastic tubing, “a good spanking instrument” because he thinks it’s “too light to cause damage to the muscle or the bone.” Mama Michelle Duggar explained in a TLC blog post that after she became a born-again Christian, she decided to change her look in order to fit her religious beliefs. She said she and Jim Bob sat down together to discuss the best way for the women of the family to dress.

Since leaving Counting On, Jill has focused on running the Dillard family blog, which includes personal photos and videos as well as articles on Christianity and recipes. The former reality star is also busy being a stay-at-home mom to sons Israel, 3, and Samuel, 20 months. Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard spoke out about the cancellation of ‘Counting On.

All of that unconditional fan love seemed to cool off, however, when Derick posted a number of hot-button comments to his Twitter page. Their family members choose to save other forms of intimacy, including kissing, for marriage. According to the family rules, Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna all had their first kiss on their wedding day. They can only “side hug” their dates before their wedding day, though they are allowed to hold hands once they’re engaged. All we can do is hope that even if Johannah is courting, some voice of reason in her life will encourage her to wait until she’s at least 18 to get married. If Jana is ever ready to enter into a courtship or get married, chances are, she’ll be vocal about it.

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