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Being Ghosted: Why It Happens And How To Cope

And as I figured, mastering the art of Love and Intimacy is the best possible way to build trust in your relationship. If you haven’t reached this level of trust yet, it’s essential to start working on it now. Trust is one of the most difficult things for any new couple to deal with.

Normally, a relationship progresses from the romantic “ideal” stage into the “ordeal” period when couples struggle with ambivalence and conflicts. If that ends the relationship, at least you have an understanding of why it didn’t work and perhaps you agree. The truth is he may really, truly like you – this is the part that freaking bites – he was just willingly putting in the 99% before knowingly tapping out. And this is likely when the “relationship” reached the fork in the road of either commitment or the single’s scenic highway.

I am so sorry for your loss, and that people in your life aren’t stepping up. Instead of worrying about how you feel make sure he’s alive and safe. If you want to maintain a relationship —if there is a legit reason for the silence—assume the best. If ghosting seems out of character after two years, then it probably is. Men treat many women well, but they don’t want to marry all those women.

This Is What Grief Physically Feels Like

In a deteriorating relationship, there will inevitably come a time when the damage has been done and nothing can save it. When one partner acts as a caretaker of the other, it can create an imbalance and unhealthy mutual dependency. Being ghosted might result in exhibiting a variety of negative emotions and questioning yourself. Hold your head up high, hold onto your dignity, and let them go. Someone better could be out there looking for you. Whatever the case may be, being ghosted is not a reflection on you or your worthiness.

If this is you, to survive whatever you’re going through, keep in mind that communication is key. Sometimes, people might struggle to ask for their loved one’s opinions when it comes to big life changes. If it’s been a couple of weeks and you’ve tried one last message to clear the air without hearing anything back, it’s time to stop reaching out and let go.

And he did end up moving in with me but it was all a lie and for what reason… I’ll never know and he would just ghost me randomly. Games… so many head games… and I should have been smart and strong enough after the first time to realize it. But the ghosting….just be an adult and say what you want or don’t want. People all over the world are in unsatisfactory relationships, people they are unhappy with and it happens you stay for various reasons.. On the flip side – why would you want someone like that, who could treat you this way.

Why Men Ghost

I knew he had baggage coming into this -ex wife who was a con artist, children who were left in the wake, he was financially professionally and emotionally stunted .. But like the dope I was I went on in… for 6 years. I keep scrolling thru these comments and picking out the words of those of us who have been ghosted.

I told him before how that hurts me when he does this. Now I honestly believe he doesn’t give a dam. Nobody would be so cruel if they cared about you. Although the pain of being ghosted will likely subside, you may be needing to find someone to talk to.

There’s A Lapse In Communication And No One Picks It Up

So why did the term “ghosting” become mainstream just within the last decade? The argument is that online dating has simply made it way easier to ghost people. If you find it hard to let go and find yourself pursuing a conversation, resist any temptation to lure your ghost back. Instead, communicate that his or her behavior was hurtful and unacceptable.

Being ghosted

But I want to move on; I know a relationship with him would NEVER work out. I want to heal and move forward, find wonderful, loving man whom I deserve; I’m working hard on that and facing my traumas. It’s still hard especially when her nephew reaches out to me and calls me uncle still.

Whatever their reasons for ghosting you, it’s not a nice thing to do. The fact that they’re ghosting you could be the result of something you said or did that didn’t sit well with them. You’re doing well with your life and career and have got your ducks in a row, or you’ve achieved a lot, and this makes them think that you’re out of their league.

After she sent break up text I ignored it and her and didn’t reply as normally I’d beg for her back or at least talk. It reply this time she kept texting after she then said she would block me as easier to which I still did not reply. A week later I’m getting constant pvt number calls then hanging up few seconds after I say hello.

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