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General Hospital Spoilers Actress That Plays Sam On GH Pregnant In Real Life?

Nikolas starts to man handle Sam in an attempt to stop her and Jason gets enraged. He attacks Nikolas and Curtis Ashford, who tries to break up the fight. Jason almost kills Nikolas, but Sam manages to talk him down and convince him to let Nikolas go for her. They head back to his place where Jason gets angry again upon seeing the bruises that Nikolas left on Sam. Sam tells Jason that she only cares about him and Danny and to not let Nikolas take any more time away from them. Jason kisses her and the two share a night of passion, making love for the first time in 4 years.


Jason returns to see Sam the next day and tells her that he and Elizabeth have to take Jake to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia for treatment. He kisses her goodbye and promises to take her out when he gets back. When Michael Corinthos is shot in April 2008, Sam visits Carly and Michael in the hospital, and later tells Jason how sorry she is about Michael. She also apologizes to Elizabeth for the things she had done to Liz and Jake. Elizabeth accepts her apology and they become friendlier to each other.

But if you look at other shots of Kelly on set, she doesn’t display any of the usual characteristics of pregnancy. Most women get a little puffy in the face from water retention but the big thing is cleavage. Kelly Monaco is 40-years-old, so the time is ripe to have a baby if she wants kids that are biologically her own without doing the surrogate thing.

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Married since 2002, Drew’s portrayer and his lovely wife have two children, a son and a daughter. When the couple met, the future Mrs. Mathison was anything but starstruck, the All My Children alum Instagrammed in 2022. “She had no idea who I was… She only watched General Hospital” — keeping an especially close eye on Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco)! Vanessa recently appeared on several episodes of her husband’s new daytime home as Mia Lobardi, an executive coach.

Sam gets distracted from the divorce proceedings when Alexis is admitted to the hospital with a mystery illness. Jason also starts to investigate and works with John to bring down the culprit. They find out the perpetrator is Jerry Jacks, who tells Port Charles he has poisoned the water supply and will only hand over the antidote in exchange for a large sum of money. He also reveals that he gave Alexis and Josslyn the counter-agent to prevent them from being infected.

As the argument gets heated, Jason stops by and Patrick storms out. She tells him that she is convinced that Elizabeth knew who he was before he did. He asks for proof and she mentions what Jake said Danny but Jason doesn’t believe her. She tells him to look into her eyes and then go caffmoscommunity home and look into Elizabeth’s eyes and he will know the truth. After finally realizing that Sam has not gotten over Jason, he tearfully ends their engagement. Elizabeth interrupted and accused Sam of harassing “Jake,” but he quickly tells Liz that he was the one who approached Sam.

In July 2011, Jason decides to take the next step in his relationship with Sam, and asks Maxie Jones to help him set up a romantic rooftop dinner, so that he can propose to Sam. Later that night, Jason proposed to Sam and after she happily accepted, they set their wedding date for September 23, 2011. A few nights after the proposal Carly learns that her husband Jax is back in town and fearing that he might try and take Josslyn, she runs to Jason for help. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was rushing Lucky’s new wife Siobhan McKenna to the hospital after she fell down a flight of stairs and sustained a concussion. The two cars collided, and Jason is critically injured with another brain injury. Jason and Sam discover that Brenda’s lawyer, Theo Hoffman, is the Balkan, and immediately goes out to stop him.

Also, we’re waiting to see if Barbara Tarbuck’s death will be written into the “GH” storyline or acknowledged in the credits. Eventually, Jason and Sam realized they were meant to be and decided to get married. Though Chatham is established by the series as being a town in Maine, in real life, Chatham is actually a town in New Hampshire and it meets with the border of Maine. After Sam escapes during the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis and warns the police, television producer Amelia Joffe hires her as the host of the new talk show, Everyday Heroes. However, Amelia is actually looking for revenge on Sam for killing her father, Bill Monroe.

Sam accepts the apology and notices the tattoo on her lower back. Daisy gets weird and tells her that it was a stupid thing she did when she was younger and she leaves abruptly. Sam sketches the picture and sends it to Spinelli to do research on it. He can’t find anything but it is later revealed that Willow Tait and Harmony Miller have the same tattoo as well.

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Sam, now living at Kelly’s, helps a young mother named Bridget Daly give birth on Christmas Eve, along with Lorenzo Alcazar. Jason decides that he wants Sam back and invites her to dinner. Bridget gives her baby to Sam, fearing she couldn’t be a mother. Sam moves into Jason’s place with the baby, whom Jason names Hope. Sam began to grow close to Jason again and he rescued her when she was kidnapped by the crazed artist, Franco, who was obsessed with Jason.

But she prefers using it on his relatives, Helena Cassadine or Stavros Cassadine instead. Victor refuses, and orders her to try it on Jason first to see if he wakes up or not, before trying it on the Cassadines. Victor calls in his goons to hold back Robin while he tries her new formula on Jason by injecting him with the serum. After the goons take Robin out, Jason commences to rise from the chamber. It turned out that Derek Wells was a match and his donation saved Danny’s life .

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