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Are Crypto Rewards Credit Cards A Good Idea?

If you instead use a cash-back card for rewards and use that money to buy crypto, you can buy the currency you want. The question is, should you mix credit card rewards with the crypto market? Instead, separate credit card rewards and cryptocurrency purchases. The team have recognised that selling crypto in certain jurisdictions is a taxable event, which poses problems for people who want to spend their crypto on the high street.

credit cards with crypto rewards Visa Card offers flexible top-ups using crypto or fiat currency along with a crypto reward system. If you are looking for a convenient way to spend your crypto assets for everyday use, it will come in handy. Nexo Card is one of the few cards that offer credit backed by cryptocurrencies.

There are no fees for fiat-to-fiat exchanges, and there are 18 currencies that all enjoy exclusive over-the-counter or interbank rates. You will pay a 1% fee to fund your account with cryptocurrencies. With a crypto rewards card, earning crypto instead of cash back isn’t just exciting and convenient – it’s a money-saver. Unlike purchasing or mining, you won’t have to pay commissions or transaction fees on earned crypto, so it’s all yours. Normally, credit card rewards are considered rebates and aren’t taxed as income. But with crypto rewards cards, you can create a taxable event if you eventually sell your crypto rewards for regular fiat.

Since the main function of a crypto debit card is to instantly sell-off and convert some of your crypto into fiat, they tend to charge small transaction fees in the realm of 0 to 2.5%. If you think you’ll be using your crypto card for big purchases, you’ll save big money by using a card with no such fees. Crypto rewards credit cards work just like any other credit card. Customers can make purchases with the card and earn rewards for every dollar spent. The difference is that instead of earning points or miles, customers earn a certain amount of cryptocurrency for each purchase. Crypto rewards credit cards are a type of credit card that reward customers in cryptocurrency instead of traditional rewards like points, miles, or cash back.

Best Crypto Rewards Debit Card for Spending Your Own Crypto

There is a daily spending limit of $2,500 and a daily $1,000 ATM withdrawal limit. To get started, you will need to purchase’s CRO tokens and stake them in your wallet. Prospective cardholders will need to stake CRO tokens for 180 days before they can apply for the card. The upcoming Wirex Visa card’s chief perk is that it lets you store and convert into a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies. Provided you’re a believer in the upside potential of CRO, the Visa is a solid choice of crypto card. is another massive player that lets you trade, sell, and stake crypto.

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Binance Card function on the Visa payments network, allowing users to spend their crypto balances wherever Visa is accepted. Users can spend crypto balances held in their Binance Funding Wallet, with the funds being automatically converted to fiat to make payments. There are a few different types of cards available, so it is important to compare and find the best one for your needs. The most popular type of card is the prepaid debit card, which allows you to load funds onto the card in advance and use them to make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM. These cards typically have low fees and offer a variety of different rewards programs. Crypto Credit Card

The Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that also pays rewards in crypto. Like the Gemini credit card, you’ll earn crypto every time you make a purchase, and your rewards have no cap. You can choose which crypto you’d like to receive for your rewards, and you can spend in either crypto or U.S. dollars, with no transaction fees. Most crypto credit and debit cards perform a similar function. They allow cryptocurrency holders to spend their crypto by taking advantage of crypto to fiat conversions that take place in the app.

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All rewards from eligible purchases are paid out via Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency accepted by Gemini. Members also receive access to Mastercard exclusives, such as special savings on purchases at Lyft, DoorDash, HelloFresh and a ShopRunner membership. Mastercard’s signature Mastercard ID Theft Protection and Zero Liability and Price Protection benefits are also included.

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Most credit cards have fees, although some have more than others. Designed for business startups, the Brex card is one of the credit cards with crypto rewards and no annual fees. Crypto debit cards involve the user using their own funds—if they don’t have the money, they can’t use their card.

  • Here are some things to consider before you start clicking on “apply now” buttons.
  • Points can be redeemed toward saving, investing or paying down a loan with SoFi.
  • With a crypto rewards card, earning crypto instead of cash back isn’t just exciting and convenient – it’s a money-saver.
  • You may exchange your Brex points for Bitcoin and Ethereum at a ratio of $7 per 1,000 Brex points.

Either way, they’re after your money in the form of interest payments . But if you play the game right, you’ll get their money instead. You’ll need a U.S. billing address to get a Brex card but can use it to purchase stuff anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted. Crypto loans aren’t new, but Nexo’s approach is different than the others.

To date, Nexo has lent over $5 billion to over 1.5 million users of the platform. Brex is one of the first cards ever to add crypto to its redemption menu, and the company currently supports BTC and ETH. Upgrade also offers competitive personal loans and you can read our full Upgrade review for more information. If you are of an age to receive Social Security benefits, it is likely that you are not getting the overall maximum monthly payment of $4,555.

In addition to publishing personal finance advice, Chris speaks on the topics of positive psychology and leadership. For speaking inquiries, check out his CAMPUSPEAK page, connect with him on Instagram, or watch his TEDx talk. If you bought into crypto before Bitcoin hit $1,000 or even $100, then you’re probably sitting on some fat stacks and could benefit from a simple way to spend it.

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Being a non-custodial wallet, similar to Metamask, unlike many other exchange-linked wallets, the Wirex wallet sits squarely in the realm of decentralised finance. The big plus here is that the wallet is keyless, protecting users’ digital assets without the risk of accidental loss. This next-gen security is thanks to the biometric backup Wirex provides. In addition, here’s a list of the best business credit cards available right now if you’d like to get started with a more traditional card.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®

This means the most effective way to use the Coinbase Card is to buy USDC with USD from your bank account for daily spending. You can also earn 0.15% APY by staking USDC, so this is almost like having a high-yield checking account. While you should consult with a CPA or tax attorney regarding tax questions, any crypto rewards you earn should not be taxed.

Custodial vs. Non-Custodial Wallet: Which Is Right for You?

Coinbase’s debit card is more flexible than your double-jointed friend who can bend their elbows backward. You can also use your card to tap your PayPal account or bank account, earning crypto rewards for purchases you would have made anyway. We also like that it’s not a credit card, so the interest charges won’t grind your rewards down to dust.

The card can be connected to both Apple and Google pay and can be used for free with no fees whatsoever. The only rule of thumb is that it incentivizes your payment behavior with cryptocurrencies. Crypto credit cards are just as safe as traditional credit cards. Your credit card information can be stolen, leaving you a mess to straighten out with the credit card company. With all credit cards, it’s important to safeguard your card and use credit wisely. is compatible with more than 90 different cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most flexible crypto cards available today.

BitPay Mastercard

But the rewards you earn, in this case, come in the form of an eligible cryptocurrency. In many ways, crypto rewards cards function exactly the same as any other rewards credit card. Depending on the credit issuer, you’ll have similar underwriting standards that determine your approval and credit line, based on factors like your income and credit score. Crypto rewards cards also share similar payment processing networks like Visa or Mastercard, so they will be accepted by any merchant that accepts these cards. If you are looking for a rewarding way to access your own crypto funds for spending, a crypto rewards debit card could be the answer. Unless you have been living under a rock—and we wouldn’t blame you for doing so—you know that cryptocurrencies are all over the news these days.

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