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Best Romance Options In Persona 5 Royal, Ranked

The man introduces himself as her fiancé, and at first, tries to calmly pass the whole thing off as a little quarrel, but becomes angered by their continued interference, threatening them that he will not forget their faces and leaves. Afterward, the group takes Haru to Leblanc to let her rest, at Morgana’s request. Deciding to investigate who this new thief is, and under the idea of her being a Shujin student, the group investigates the roster of the female student body. They eventually find a match – Haru Okumura, the only daughter of Kunikazu Okumura.

Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Priestess (Makoto Niijima)

On the 24th of December, they dive deep into the lowest depths of Mementos, the last Palace which contains nearly the entire Tokyo population’s Shadow Selves held in cells. Among the prisoners are all of the Phantom Thieves’ former adversaries excluding Okumura. All of the jailed Shadow Selves are blissfully content with their imprisonment, alarming the Phantom Thieves greatly. With the conditions met, the Phantom Thieves infiltrate Shido’s Palace and meet his Shadow, who speaks to them about his grand plan to be the next leader of Japan. He even pretends to offer to let the Phantom Thieves join him in his cause in exchange for whatever they desire.

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Instead, she simply changed her handle to “Alibaba” and stepped away from hacktivism. During the events of the game, the moniker that Futaba used was impersonated by an IT Company president to launch blank threats against the Phantom Thieves. Futaba is the daughter of cognitive psientist Wakaba Isshiki; her father is unknown. Due to her high intelligence compared to other children around her, she was bullied often and barely had any friends other than a girl named Kana. However, Kana’s parents were sexually harassing their daughter, and when Futaba discovered this, Kana left her as well. After defeating Doe and changing Hikari’s heart, when she offers to apologize for her cognition dragging the Persona users into the Cinema and trapping them, the P5 hero has the option to pardon her because she was cute.

Play Normally Through The First Two Palaces

That night, Ren visits Ohya, trading an interview with Ann for information regarding Kenji Tokito, the manager present at the photoshoot. Ren learns that Tokito’s sister was the one that comitted suicide, being forced into sexual labour due to president Asakura. The thieves reconvene the next day, talking about Tokito’s plausible motive, but state that theres no evidence or anything from Akechi’s side. Talking it over more, Haru provides further evidence of Asakura’s misconduct, stating the offerings that they provided to Okumura Foods and how it resulted in the companies not working together. With this, the theives make the decision to change Asakura’s heart, heading to Mementos and doing so.

Dating characters has been a key component in the Persona series ever since Persona 3— whether they’re in your party or are one of the social links, there’s a lot to love. The romances in Persona 5, in particular, are incredibly beloved thanks to the assortment of colorful personalities. However, only certaincharacters are available to date, and as such, the fandom is bound to debate which date is the best. Kasumi is only available in Persona 5 Royal and you will encounter her as part of the main storyline.

Makoto and the protagonist encounter her on school grounds and try to ask her to join them, though Haru refuses, the reason being that she cannot side with people who do not know what their goals are, let alone understand their teammate’s feelings and support him. Its incredible agility and stamina easily overpower the Phantom Thieves, but the tide of battle changes after Futaba enters her own Palace with the Metaverse Navigator. After they defeat his Shadow, he approaches them in the real world to tell them that Madarame actually steals his students’ paintings, resulting in one of his students committing suicide after his work was stolen. Nakanohara asks them to stop Madarame before he can steal the credit and livelihood of Yusuke, his latest disciple. Yusuke stalks Ann all the way from the Shibuya station to the ground floor and asks her to model for him. After Nakanohara’s account, the Phantom Thieves accept Yusuke’s offer in order to learn more about Madarame.

Persona 5 Royal is addicting for many reasons, but its extensive romance options are what keep players hooked. There are a total of nine characters who you can romance in Persona 5, and ten characters who you can romance in Persona 5 Royal — all of them female. Five of them are teammates, and five of them are confidants scattered around Tokyo. In this guide, we’ll be detailing each romance option and how to find them. Makoto can usually be found standing outside the Student Council Room, which is located next to the Library on the third floor. During holidays or other events when there’s no school, you can usually find her outside the school’s main gate.

There are nine potential women he can romance, and romancing just one will unlock a special Trophy. Ann’s Persona has beneficial boosts, making her a superb support character. Furthermore, Ann will be able to cancel an enemy’s strike after gaining a specific level of confidence. Players unsure about which romance to go for in Persona 5 Royal need not look further than these top romances in the game. This whole MyDatingAdvisor post reeks of a lack of validation for your chosen girl and trying to convince people that she’s canon through arbitrary and meaningless arguments not knowing this has been going on since 2016. U/Oreoboi-Zero Her being used as a marketing tool with barely much substance to her character and relevance to the plot, all so that the thirsties can open their wallet and buy the game, doesn’t make her canon.

There, other people are attacked by Shadows and have their desires stolen in the form of gems, with Alice being the one responsible. As they leave, Maruki grabs Morgana with the last power of his cognition control device, and the protagonist descends to confront Maruki one last time. Though frustrated by his loss, he asks the protagonist to help him vent out his remaining frustration, leading to a fist fight. As the ground gives way under Maruki after he collapses, the protagonist grabs Maruki’s hand to stop him from falling.

In spite of this, Makoto’s actually level-headed and kind person when rules don’t apply to the situation, almost to a motherly extent. That side of her would be highlighted when she’d help Futaba Sakura and at a few points Morgana. Additionally, this same struggle with regulations would make her socially awkward at first, as she wouldn’t yet realize that there’s more to life than that, and would actively combat her ignorance with the protagonist’s help. Feeling overshadowed by her highly successful older sister and being used as a tool, Makoto has almost no sense of self-worth, and so has made a habit of keeping her nose down and doing what is expected of her. After the group defeats Junya Kaneshiro, Makoto decides to stay with the Phantom Thieves, saying that she’s done being the “exemplary honor student” and that she’s going to try to be more honest with herself. In Persona 5 Strikers, she wears a short-sleeved black leather crop top jacket over a white T-shirt, shin-length black leather pants, and black shoes.

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From worst to best, let’s look at the rankings of the best romance options in this long-awaited game. Obviously, dating isn’t the main focus of Persona, nor does it need to be, but it could at least be thought-provoking. In Stardew Valley, for instance, the breadth and scope of dialogue only gets deeper as you get further into a relationship.

People had been loaning money to buy her franchise, and a few managed to buy them until they went bankrupt. Furthermore, any opposition against Alice might find themselves fired or even beaten on the streets. The next day, the protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji go to Shibuya in order to buy camping tools for their trip. However, they encounter a popular idol named Alice Hiiragi hosting an event. She gives the protagonist a card that instructs the reader to input “wonderland” in the EMMA app in order to “befriend” her. The protagonist does as the card says, which causes the three to be teleported and trapped in an unknown location in the Metaverse.

The introduction of the road trip premise also keeps the setting dynamic, so you don’t get bored circling the same neighbourhoods you’ve already thoroughly explored. I first met Hifumi Togo in a quiet Kanda church, a peaceful sanctuary she often visited to practice shogi. She became my instructor, teaching me strategy through the Japanese board game and unwittingly sharpening my combat skills. Evening after evening I would return, and evening after evening Hifumi taught me.

Sojiro offers to let him stay at Leblanc Café and finish his high school at Shujin, intending on speaking to his parents later, possibly giving him an apprenticeship as well. On March 15th, the phantom thieves celebrate Makoto and Haru’s graduation. As they gather for a group photo including Akechi and Kasumi, a familiar looking man in a hat takes the photo for everyone before walking off without another word. Akechi himself admits that he remembers nothing between his final confrontation in Shido’s Palace and Christmas Eve. However, the unclear nature of Akechi’s fate could potentially mean that Maruki is being untruthful with the protagonist to make him accept his reality.

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