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‘Gilmore Girls’: A Look At Rory Gilmore’s Boyfriends And Why None Of Them Are Right For Her

To pay tuition, Lorelai asks for money from her estranged wealthy parents, Richard and Emily. They agree to pay for Rory’s education on the condition that the two come to their house every Friday night for dinner. Before leaving Stars Hollow High School, Rory meets Dean Forester . Rory almost convinced herself not to go to Chilton because of not wanting to leave Dean, but after learning of the huge sacrifices her mother made, she decides to go to Chilton. Rory and Dean date for two seasons, only breaking up once when Dean told Rory he loved her on their 3-month anniversary, and she replied that she would have to think about it, but they eventually reconcile.

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As much as some fans might want these two to become a couple, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen anytime soon. A small group of cast and crew went on a final weeklong trip to film the last scenes of the final episode of Succession. Everyone ate meals together; they milled around in between shots, shooting the shit. They mostly were working nights, and Culkin turned a bit vampiric. At the end of the night, when they’d finish, he and Snook would go to the screening room to watch cartoons.

Alexis Bledel

“She dated Jared and Milo. And she also dated a young New York actor named Chris Heuisler, who played a guest role. Real sweet kid,” Casey continued. Bledel never found her soulmate on “Gilmore Girls,” but she certainly seemed to have fun looking. Aya Tsintziras is a Senior Writer at Screen Rant who enjoys writing about TV and movies. She has a Political Science and Media Studies degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Journalism from Ryerson University.

I think it was fine.” His measured answer hints there’s more to the story, but Culkin seems to have learned to keep familial criticism to himself. Everyone knows by now that Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, dated her onscreen boyfriend in real life. Her relationship with Milo Ventimiglia, who played CDFF her bad-boy love interest Jess Mariano, was well publicized. There was plenty of lip-locking to be had between the pair behind-the-scenes! Bledel and Ventimiglia caught one another’s attention after Ventimiglia joined the cast, and the pair began dating in 2002 just as Rory and Jess’ romance was heating up on-screen.

They also have a son named Wynton Harvey, who was born in 1997. Priyanka Tamang is a very passionate person wanting to learn and broaden her horizon on anything she is interested in. She wants to experience things in life that many people fear. Their pictures from the event have been circulating on social media and have sparked rumors about their relationship. Hence, viewers have been curious to know more about Mylchreest, in particular, fans are wondering about his personal life and whether he has a girlfriend. Rory graduates from Yale during Season 7’s penultimate episode, but at the start of Season 6, she drops out of college altogether.

In this article, we’ll delve into their dating history, including their cheating scandal and how they managed to stick together despite their rough patches. Before their return to acting, Westhuysen took some time off to travel and focus on their education. During this period, they remained close to their circle of friends, including a female friend they had known for over a decade. Westhuysen lives with their childhood friend, Flossie Skelton, in a shared flat. However, there is no indication that they are anything other than good friends.

She sticks with her initial decision, and he bids her goodbye. Outside of filming The Flash, Gustin and Patton are still totally adorable besties. As Buzzfeed notes, Gustin once referred to Patton as his “bae” on Twitter, and also posted a cute throwback shot of the two of them on Candice’s birthday last year. They constantly tease each other in Tweets, took selfies at the wedding of their showrunner, and generally seem to have a lot of fun together.

Webber started to explore alternative options for Piastri in 2023, with an unexpected door opening courtesy of another Australian’s struggles. By May, McLaren had decided it would pay off Daniel Ricciardo’s contract for him not to race in 2023 and made Piastri its prime target to replace him. The thinking was it would give him a chance to develop, out of the spotlight. Alpine was happy to wait until as late as 2025 to get its young driver into a seat. So read the Piastri tweet, sent two days into F1’s summer break, that lit the fuse for a contract saga that dominated F1’s news cycle for months.

After accepting a job offer in California, Logan approaches Lorelai to ask for her permission for him to ask Rory to marry him. She gives him her permission, and he proposes to Rory at her graduation party in front of her parents and grandparents. She pulls him outside, and tells him she needs time to think it over. Logan attends Rory’s graduation ceremony, and after it is over, Rory finds him. She tells him she isn’t ready to marry him, and hopes they can continue their relationship despite this. Logan says he isn’t looking to move backward in their relationship as they’ve done long-distance before, and this is an all or nothing proposal.

Rory and Logan began dating in season 5 and broke up in season 7. They met in the courtyard at Yale her sophomore year and said goodbye at her graduation when she denied his marriage proposal. When the show returned 9+ years later, Rory and Logan are having an affair.

It also marked the first defining moment of Piastri’s F1 career — before it had even begun. After narrowly defeating fellow F rookie Logan Sargeant to win the F3 title in 2020 with Prema, Piastri quickly adjusted to life in F2. He won his second race in Bahrain, led the championship by midseason, and finished the year with five consecutive pole positions, matching Leclerc’s record from 2017.

Dean Forester

The plotline sends the message that sex is something Rory shouldn’t be doing, and she’s better off when she’s practicing celibacy. That message is reinforced when Rory finally does have sex a year after the debacle with Paris. Paris finds out she didn’t get into Harvard after she has sex with her boyfriend. Despite Lorelai’s reaction, Paris’ decision to be intimate with her partner shouldn’t be any indication of her morality. Yet, later in the episode, Paris finds out she didn’t get into Harvard, her dream college.

Bledel’s performance throughout the series’ run earned her a Young Artist Award, a Family Television Award and two Teen Choice Awards. She also received nominations for an ALMA Award, a Satellite Award, and a Saturn Award. Talking more about their relationship stability, Taylor opened up to People that he is not in a plan of getting apart from his wife.

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